Feeding You My Perfect Log

I squat down and as I rub my sweet freshly shaven pussy, I shit out the most perfect log right near your face. I am going to feed it to you and I want you to eat the entire thing! Afterwards I will let you watch me wipe my pretty little ass clean, and perhaps next time Ill let you lick it!

White Cotton Panty Filling


I know I lost the game, but do I really have to do this? Please I will be so embarrassed to poop my panties where anyone can see me! Fine If I have to, but If you ever lose a bet to me I will make you do this! How should I do this, I’ve never done it before and you know how bad I have to poop. I bend over the chair, and fill my white cotton panties completely up with my poop. It is squishy and wet and getting everywhere. What I have to grind it on the chair? Oh gross, I squish it all over my ass and the chair making a huge mess, taking off the panties to show you the mess.

Mall Disaster Poop In My Pants

carthI love shopping, I need a new dress and some cute shirts, I look through the clothes on the rack and I start ripping smelly loud farts, Oh my I hope nobody here can smell me, I continue ripping farts and feel my stomach bubble up oh no I have to poop. I ask the women about using the restroom and she said that it’s for employees only. I try to hold it, but I cannot I panic and poop right into my coral tights filling the butt with my poop. What will I do now, If anyone see’s me like this Omg I hate to think that, I pull them down and pull them back up. I have to pee filling them and the floor with my warm pee. Now I’m completely covered, I take them off and leave them on the floor for the employee to pick up.

Public Outdoor Poo

output_FTP551Outside Poo Video- HD \11min. I take you outside as I undress my bottoms and tell you how badly I have to go. Doggie style spread My asshole and tease you and then start to go. I show you the pile upclose,spread my ass for pooing view and hole as I go then,switch to front view holding my self up with my hands, shitting. Dirty asshole view and dirty wipe!! I also pee on the pile.. :)

Filling My Diaper with Poop!


I am a naughty girl, I pooped in my diaper! After I am done I show it to you for inspection and then put my shitty ass right in your face!

Extreme Diarrhea In My Diaper

Extreme Diarrhea In My Diaper

On no .. I couldn’t hold it any longer I had extremely bad diarrhea in my diaper It was shooting out the seams all over the floor .. Oh my daddy will be so mad at me if he comes home and sees this mess . Its running down my legs and covering my ass and pussy .. EWWWWWWW

Up Skirt Tennis Diaper Desperation

Up Skirt Tennis Diaper Desperation

Practicing my swing in my room with you watching, You ask why I am wearing a diaper I say I thought everyone does? But to my surprise Its just me because I cant hold my poop! You ask to see me poop my diaper and I agree I fill it and give it to you because you want to taste my sweet tennis ass!

Piss Enema Fuck Sold by: Worship MY Filthy Ass!

EendAfter I had sprayed my servant nmman58 with my super strong piss enema, I wanted him to cum before leaving my presence on the second day. I climbed on top of my servant and pushed out a very big enema stream out of my ass. I tease my slut and then surprise him by sitting on his cock and riding it with my Goddess ass. I bounce up and down until I am ready for my lucky servant to cum in my hot ass.

Revolution on the apple and milk in the kitchen…Sold by: College Blonde Shit Clips


You know that I love to war a diapers… Today I wear one on the morning like everyday and go to work. After work I com back to home and I decided to eat apple and drink some milk… Soon I suddenly feel that it was not so good idea. My stomach started to hurt me so bad… I did a really big, rarely shit into my diaper.. My ass was sooo dirty and it was a really great feeling. I will show you how much dirty I was in that day…. After shitting and playing with my horny pussy I needed to clean yourself so I go to the bathroom and clean with hot water my dirty bum. Ohh it was very nice afteroon :)

Filling My Diaper Sold by: Worship MY Filthy Ass!

85Scat Goddess puts on diaper to fill up. Her perfect ass in the soft crinkly diaper is so beautiful when she fills it up full of the beautiful shit. This video is a treat to all diaper lover’s out there.

Bondage girl broken in! by Toilet Slaves Scatology

Bondage girl broken in!

Bondage girl broken in!
This lady is bound in tight bondage and it is her first encounter in the fine arts of scatology. To start her off, a finger is placed into her asshole to exevate some of her own excrement. Once a finger is well coated in her choclate, the finger is pushed into her mouth for her to sample. After this, she delivers a full load for her consumption, which is placed into her mouth and rubbed across her body. To make sure they extract the full value of her goodness she is given an enema which has her squirting delicious juice from her back door! In the end, she is all messed up but the lesson has been taught and now she knows what scatology is all about!

Ass Spread Wide Open Yellow Shit Queen

Ass Spread Wide OpenAss Spread Wide Open
Spread my ass wide open with both hands, watch my morning shit slide right out my tight asshole. You can still see the corn from last nights dinner! YELLOW SHIT QUEEN!

Grocery Store Poop Sold by: Naughtygirls ~ Desperation clip

output_0TgsXFIm in the store cause gotta make dinner for my friends.But I have big RUSH to POOP!What Im gonna do?Can’t hold it!There are so many people.I must do something very fast.BUt first gotta finish with my shopping …..oh nooooo ….its coming out …GOSH IVE JUST POOPED MYSELF A BIT IN STORE AND I FEEL THAT SMELL!OH no its so humiliating,hope no one wil find about it.Gotta go as fast I can to do toilet.Where did these people come from lol…Yes finally Im in the store toilet but can’t hold it.I poop in my panties….time for little fun now as I already released myself mmm.I can hear the people infront of my toilet,Im so humiliated but so horny.I cum in my panties,yes and now? How im gonna clean myself and go out.”Go OUT FROM THE TOILET NOW”Someone just knocks on my door.SHIT!NO!I will be caught with my dirty panties on!….

Sprinkle Poop Balls Sold by: Worship MY Filthy Ass!


After making the first batch of hard chocolate balls for my toilet to eat as a treat he became to crave more of my poop coated with yummy sprinkles. I am laying on my side, giving you a close look at my asshole as I begin to push out my poop. This load is coming out in nice and smooth balls. Another load perfect to add candy sprinkles to! Yummy Enjoy my sprinkle poop balls!!

Eat My Shit Cake, Toilet Slave! Sold by: Peteuse Poops:


You love to eat my chocolate, toilet slave….I want to give you a special treat! So I bake you a cake with several loads of my extra special shit chocolate ingredient. Watch as I make the fresh chocolate and bake your moist brown dessert! Don’t eat it all at one sitting! ;O)

Sold by: Peteuse Poops: 

Smore’s & Chocolate Sold by: PooAlexa's Store

Smore's & ChocolateI am making you a special dessert, there are only 3 simple ingredients. Can you guess what they are? The first ingredient is cookies lots and lots of cookies, the second ingredient is marshmallows I want to make them extra special by putting them in my ass,  and pooping them out and yes the third and most important ingredient is my poop  . I rub all the marshmallows over my ass and poop them out onto the cookies. I sit on them smashing them on my ass and showing you your treat. I top off the dessert with a little extra poop. 

Shit filled shortbread cookie sandwiches

Shit filled shortbread cookie sandwiches
Special filled shortbread cookies chopped for gif-newAwesome video. The 1st 4 minutes are all about me shitting!! I start with a hard turd and then a HUGE soft load. ENORMOUS! My tampon string is dangling out there just for shits and giggles :)
It had been 3 days since I shit. I even measured it for you!! Then the preparation begins. I mix a can of white vanilla icing with my sweet shit, and spread it on the cookies to make a sandwich, but it was too runny, so I had to add ingredients. Powdered sugar and melted marshmallows. Yummy!! It was about then that I took ?the girls? out for your viewing pleasure. I do have nice tits, dont I boys? It was time for the blender and a larger bowl. When it is all mixed, I make the shortbread cookie sandwiches. Then after that I froze them and sent them to my auction winners!! I do love my shit loving boys!!

**NEW SPECIAL MENU** Scatology Restaurant Vol.2

**NEW SPECIAL MENU** Scatology Restaurant Vol.2**NEW SPECIAL MENU** Scatology Restaurant Vol.2
**Vol.2**Welcome into the world of the scatology eatery! Back by popular demand we have a BRAND NEW installment of ***SPECIAL MENU*** The waitresses here don't only serve the menu, they MAKE the menu! The clients eat their insides and also eat food out of their asses. The drinks served are pee and the topping on rice is normally sweet shit served freshly out of the waitresses assholes. PEE, SCAT, FARTING. We have it all! You will NOT see anything like this anywhere else. With your request EVERYTHING we like is here! :) **MUST SEE**

Shitbomb after Supermarket shopping! Sold by: Jodys Self Pooping Store

Have you ever seen a shit bomb.. well now's your chance.. fiind  Jodys Self Pooping Store the shit bomb on the Scatshop


Poop on Red Chair! by Scarlett Marie at the scatshop

Poop on red chair

I just got back from working out and of course, I have to poop. Watch me squat over my red chair and take a big shit and piss on it. Oh I also have the hiccups so you’ll have to pardon me…;)

For clips like this, be sure to check for Scarlett Marie in the Model Directory on the SCATSHOP

Eating Shit, Puking.

I’ve eaten shit before, but holy fuck did I get caught off guard. This video is one of a kind.. I didn’t plan on puking at all. I shit, show it off in my hand. Suck a piece then stick in my mouth, show it off and chew. Let the gag reflex roll. I end up running to the sink, cut the clip and come back to where I was before, chewing, showing it off and gagging.. I EXPLODED puke from my mouth.. Green, shitty puke.

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Holy Shit MASSIVE Accident
Omg I Pooped In My Jeans

2 Days Nasty Poop Panties

Shitty Dirty Ass by Kinky Nasty Lola's Store

Shitty Dirty AssThis is your Kinky Nasty Lola and I think this is my dirtiest video clip yet. I have spread shit all over my ass and my tits. Watch me up close fisting my ass and then do a big messy shit just for you. Much fisting, gaping and wide open hole shitting and farting. Watch me eat my shit, then shit some more and then I push my shit back into my dirty ass. Watch what I write on my ass ……comon boys I know your stroking your cock by now

Anal Bottle Pepsi Dirty

anal bottle pepsi dirty 7
Hi my lover, today I want something big and hard in my ass, you are not here baby so I use my coke bottle instead. Watch me gape my ass and shit for you baby, take this dirty nasty bottle of Pepsi in your mouth baby and swallow it all. I hope you like the taste of Cola in my poo.

Shoe Shit by Kinky Nasty Lola's Store

Shoe Shit

Hey my lovers, today I am very horny but my toys are broke so I have to use one of my high heeled shoes, is very narrow like a pencil and look very much like your tiny skinny cock. I do a shit for you but now my shoe is dirty and I want you to lick it clean. I know you love your Lola so Don’t forget to PM me if you would like to send me a new toy.

Dirty Little Secret by Mandy Flores

dirty little secret chopped for gif-newMy little bro is so sexually obsessed with me and loves to show me off to his friends. Today Im not in the mood and order the brats out of my room only to have my bro lock the door on us! So now I am trapped in a room with my little bro’s friend or maybe its the other way around. I do love to tease boys so I start out by giving the poor helpless looks at my bra and panties and talking really dirty enjoying watching his eye bulge. Soon I am desperate to use the bathroom and tell him to stay put I’ll be right back and dash into my bathroom to find that my sneaky little bro super glued the toilet seat down!! Oh no!!! Im so going to kill him! So Im trying to figure out what to do but then I suddenly lose control and shit and piss in my panties. Watch as my piss drips out of my panties and my huge log fills them up. I am really enjoying it until I realize my little bro’s friend is behind me, watching the whole time! Im pretty sure I have been set up and this little is going to get exactly what he wants. Its a blowjob blackmail. After his blowjob, I give him my shit filled panties with the huge turd in them.

My new washing machine ~ Scatmodels


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Pink Polka-Dot Panty Poo! ~ Cosmic Girl Summer's Dirty Galaxy


Standing in my shower, and filling up my pink polka dot ruffle panties with a large load of fresh soft poo!

fuck piss and scatpig by ~ Bizarrladys Scatworld


Yes because the lady was once again really cool. I’ve only let nice to piss fuck the pussy of my slave. Then I shit a horny bunch in his hand, and will indulge me the ashole.

Shitting in Mum’s Panty ~ New clip by ~ Worship MY Filthy Ass!

The last time I visited my mum I snagged another one of her panties. Whenever I wear silky fullback panties, I think of my mum since that is all she wore when I was growing up. My ass feels super full, and I am feeling very naughty, a perfect day to shit in my mum’s panties. I push and you can hear the shit crackling and filling up my panties. I take off my panties and let you have the privilege of enjoying my shitty ass. Worship all that comes from my sexy ass!

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Goddess Ryan's Latest Clip ~ THANKSGIVING EVE POO

Thanksgiving Eve Poo-HD|10:00|- Looking Goddess like>Glowing :)  Curly Hairs as well!! Doggie spread on the toliet, A big oh fart to start with ass spread. I spread that ass and grunt,push and it keeps on coming!! Its a perfect view, Ass winking, Telling you to clean me up, More poo, up-close of the toilet, then more me talking to you:) Looking pretty:)

Schoolgirl Poops On Her Floor by Cosmic Girl


Naughty striptease in my schoolgirl outfit, then peeing in my thong and playing with my wet pussy through the pee soaked lace thong. I continue the striptease, stuffing my piss covered thong into my mouth and then masturbating with my dildo. The I gape my ass with my big black dong, and finally fuck my ass til I shit on my floor. 18 minute long clip and very hot!

Huge Dump

I walk in and sit down on my chair, as I sit down to poop it’s already sticking out , I spread my pussy and slowly push A huge thick turd out of my tight little butt hole. I sit down on the floor where my massive poop is and I pick it up and show it off to you, then show you my stinky butthole. I put some poop on my red toe nails.

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Farts & Ladders

You want me to dust? But I am wearing this really short skirt and I ate burritos for lunch, I would stand back if I were you because I might fart! I climb up the ladder and I rip a nasty fart , embarrassed I try and hold them back but it’s no use I am full of stinky farts, which you seem to enjoy. I tell you to come closer to get a good whiff and I sit on your face farting and teasing you which my tight ass.

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Quick & Dirty by poo alexa


I couldn’t hold it I rush to the toilet and sit backwards, I already have poop on my butt cheeks. I spread my ass and release a huge long turd I feel so relived after getting all the poop out I wipe and show you the mess.

Sitting on the Throne Again!

Custom for OMB2

It’s been a while since I sat on the throne while chatting with you guys…Come into the bathroom with me and watch me seduce you while spending quality time on the toilet bowl, farting and shitting away! ;) I finish taking a shit, wipe and clean my pussy with a wash cloth…then I invite you to come into the bedroom and eat me out…

Amazing Turkeyday Poopy!

ScarlettMarie Amazing Turkeyday PoopyIt’s Thanksgiving day and I ate sooo much!!! After the thanksgiving feast at my family’s house I still have to go to work though…and as usual I have to shit! All that food and the poopy is so much I have to shit twice! Watch both videos of me pooping out all the turkey, potato salad, stuffing, cranberry sauce, ham, coleslaw…the poop is pretty amazing!

Smelling Shit Makes Me Cum by poo alexa

sunny1 - Copy

I come home from a long day at the beach and take off my stinky sweaty boots, touching and rubbing myself. I start fingering my ass and smelling my dirty feet, I love the smell of the sweat. I lean back and continue to masturbate, I feel the poop in my ass and push out a big amount while smelling my feet . I also love the smell of my shit so I smear some on my feet and continue maturating covering myself with my shitty shit until I orgasm, so much fun being covered with shit.

My Milkshake by poo alexa

nopey1You are under my toilet chair ready for your meal but today I am giving you a treat for being such a good toilet for so long, I tell you not to eat my shit. Just smell it coming out of my perfect ass, lick it but do not eat it. I shit a Large amount and have you lick my asshole clean pull up my panties and show you what you are going to be eating. I have my blender, strawberries and bananas I put everything into the blender to make a nice shit smoothie. Are you ready for this I pour the concoction into a glass and tell you to taste it and enjoy this special meal the only real substance you’ve had in many months. Teasing you along the way about eating my shit and being my toilet slave.