True Desperation by: Secretlover3's fun 5 star reviews...


(verified owner review ) – September 24, 2014:

This has to be one of the best poo desperation clips I have EVER seen it’s like WOW! I have watched it multiple times already, and I only bought it last night.

(verified owner review) – January 19, 2015:

Extremely real and well done. You can really hear the desperation in her voice, and I think that brings it to another level. Very hot and very cute!:)

(verified owner review ) – January 20, 2015:

My. God. Marry me, already! :-O :)

Watch my asshole flex as I sit on the side of my tub, chatting and holding in my shit as long as I can. I hold it in until it truelly erupts out of me! Then I show you the nice huge pile I made ;) 3:28 minutes long

Shitty shoes challenge 2015 by: College Blonde Shit Clips


Richie666 (verified owner review) – January 20, 2015:

Thank you so much for that great video and idea! Really love the story of the shoe shitting challenge :-) Excellent video. You are so sweet when you are on the phone talking about the challenge. Great to watch you taking off your favorite heels and shit into them you lovely brown soft shit. Also enjoyed the part where you slip them back on full of your shit and showed the inside of the pumps afterwards…. hmmmmmm, what a mess :-) I love watching girls shitting into their shoes! Every girl should take part on that challenge ;-) Hope you will do more shoe shitting videos :-)

Today my friend told me about shitty shoes challenge. I decided to do it because I just love different challenges :) It was a amazing to make a big long, light brown shit inside my favourite high heels. Then I will put my feet into those shoes and I felt warm shit on all over my feet…. You can see how much my feet and shoes was dirty… Smell was awful in all room but this view and feeling was amazing :) You should to try do it also :)

My biggest and best POOP by Angies TuRdShOp


I was eating a 5Star dinner yesterday with my girlfriend…  you will also see Jody shitting tomorrow a similar big turd…  We had so much fun, and shitting it out was GREEAT!!

Scat + PVC Fucking, Blowjob, and Facial by: PVC and Scat Couple


Hey guys and gals! It’s me, Jessica, back for more filthy fun! In addition to scat, I also have a huuuuge fetish for PVC, and as a result have a large collection of PVC clothes. I love being all shiny head-to-toe, so I dress up all the time, even just to visit the mall! Today, I decided to be EXTRA slutty, and put on one of my favorite PVC vests, with absolutely NOTHING under it, as well as my fave pair of shiny pants before we had some serious fun! Just watch me while I get SO turned on that I can’t help but finger-fuck my wet little pussy until I cum REALLY loud + hard! My boyfriend has gotten really horny watching me, so he poops on me while I lay under him, and I smear his smelly poop all over my hot, curvy body. I then announce I am ready to poop, I take off my shiny PVC pants and heels, and push out a nice stinky load of shit for you all on the floor. I then smear it all over my round tits, tummy, and of course my pussy. Poop even gets on my PVC vest!! My boyfriend fucks my pussy so deep and hard that I can’t help cumming nice and loudly. In this video I go extra hardcore and actually eat some of the smelly shit I’ve smeared all over myself and swallow it!! Plus, my boyfriend gives me a nice facial after I suck his big, hard cock, leaving me COVERED in shit and cum… so tasty. This one was so much fun to shoot. And the best part? After I cleaned off my PVC vest, I could still smell all the stinky fun I’d had in it… yum!

Till next time loves,

Dedicated Toilet boy by: Mandy Flores

dedicated toilet boy chopped for gif-new

This was a custom shit for one of my toilet slaves and he actually got the shit from me to savor and EAT!! I shit in a small plastic bowl and it is really a HUGE turd!! Nice and soft, so I’m sure it was tasty, sweet shit for my toilet slave.

Big Poop Through My Tiny White Thong by PooAlexa


Look at my sexy white thong and skirt…… I know you want to sniff my stinky butthole. Jack off while I tease you and beg for you to fuck me in my ass while I poop through my white lace thong a nice BIG messy poop! I want you to shoot your sperm deep inside of my butthole ! If you like being teased and told what to do…… This video is for you!!

Chunks ‘N Chunks Of Shit by: LoveRachelle2's Scat~Scapades


Lots of closeups as I birth four hot loads, all with multiple chunks per loaf that you can hear thud loudly onto the floor and plop into the toilet. I love watching them break apart into pieces as they fall out of my hole, don’t you? ;) I lost my voice while I took these steamy dumps, so even while I have to save even dirtier fun for later, I just didn’t think it was fair to let these lovely poops go to waste ;)

Custom SCAT request by: The Dark World of Goddess Emma Love

Shitty Bra, Underwear, Shorts, Or Pantyhose

Snapshot 2 (7-16-2014 8-50 AM)

Snapshot 1 (7-17-2014 9-17 PM)

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Scat Nurse Jessica! by: PVC and Scat Couple


Hey scat fans!! Jessica Stinky here. This one was fun to shoot, in it I play Scat Nurse Jessica in a sexy red PVC nurses uniform. I have a patient who is not feeling well (tummy cramps, boo!) so I check his vitals, taking his pulse via his cock in my mouth. After that, I inform him that I will need a stool sample from him. Like any good scat nurse I catch his poop in my hands, and proceed to test it out on my massive tits. At which point I inform my patient that I will also need a sperm sample from him. However, I realize that I need to poop too! So I push out plenty of nice warm stinky poop of my own on the floor. I get so excited that I have to try mine out too. I proceed to get absolutely FILTHY like the scat slut that I am, smearing it all over my tits, neck, face, ass, not to mention ALL over my pussy! I masturbate myself with my dirty hands while my patient watches. But I still need that sperm sample from him, so I get up on the exam bed and let him pound my poop filled pussy from behind hard. It all ends with me getting a massive facial from him. Oops, I guess I forgot to have him shoot his cum in a cup, lol… but the patient leaves happy and healthy. So who’s next? The stinky nurse will see you now. <3! -Jessica

PUBLIC SHIT ADVENTURE!!!! by SamanthaStarfish's Store


What an amazing time I had being a nasty happy shit girl in PUBLIC!!!!

Watch me walk down the street smearing shit on my face and chewing shit as cars drive by! Anyone could see me at anytime! I walked by a man in his yard and a guy walking his dog all with shit on my face and shit in my mouth!

I start the video in my bathroom with a baggie full of my shit! I smear it all over my ass, legs, tits, tummy, and my pretty cunt! I stuff a big piece up my wet hole and head outside for some fun!

The next time you see me I am walking down the street! I flash you my shit smeared tits and flash my shit covered ass!

I find a nice spot in an alley by my house. There are cars driving by on both sides of me but I’m so horny and I have to shit so bad! I pull down my leggings and show off my shitty body! Anyone could see me but I’m so turned on!

Then I pull my leggings back up and FILL them with my piss and shit! Right there on the street!

I reach into my pants and pull out my fresh warm shit I sniff it and lick it then put it back in there for the walk home!

Then it’s time for the best part! I get so horny I can’t help up reach in grab a chunk of shit to chew on and smear all over my face as I walk home! My pussy is dripping and I can’t wait to cum so hard!

The second I get home I take off all my shitty clothes and rub the fresh shit into my pussy until I cum and cum and cum!

This is an amazing video! I can’t wait for you to experience it!


Scatgirl Eva full covered in shit by caviar experience

Scatgirl Eva full covered in shit

16. Nov. 2014 1 Video Clip: 209Mb, 17:06min 50 Pictures

My PVC Party Dress by: PVC and Scat Couple


Jessica Stinky here, and I have been a very busy girl with regard to all things poop related. I thought it would be fun to wear my PVC party dress in a shoot, so that is exactly what I did! I call it my PVC party dress because I usually wear it to celebrations like birthday parties, etc. In fact I wore this dress to my own birthday party and now you all get to see me have a little private scat party in it! My boyfriend was kind enough to hold his poop in for a day before we shot this video. You will see him literally shoot out a nice big stinky log into my waiting hands, after which I show you all what he’s been saving up for me to play with. I eagerly smear it all over myself, all over my H cup breasts, tummy, pussy, ass cheeks, and of course my face. I masturbate furiously while I suck his huge cock, it’s not long before his excitement gets the better of him and he’s busting a massive nut all over my filthy stinky face.
See you all very soon,

Scatgirl Dany as Santa Claus pt 2 by caviar experience

Bagging My Long Thick Turds by: LoveRachelle2's Scat~Scapades


Oh my god, you have no idea how hard I’m ground hogging right now… I don’t even think I’m gonna be able to make it to the bathroom! ;) I zip out of my jacket and pull up my shirt and bra, revealing my tits and showing you my poop-filled booty as I peel off my white lace thong and wink my asshole, showing you the poop just peeking against the inside of my hole! You can actually hear my poop squishing against the inside of my poop shoot, sounds so slick and nasty ;)

I grab a bag and fill it with my thick, yummy smelling shit and piss right in your face, then wipe my filthy hole and then seal the bag and smoosh the contents, showing them off for you while bouncing my bubble butt. Doesn’t my scat soup just look delicious? ;)

Public Ross Poo #2 by: Goddess Ryan


Watch at I try to be discreet about me filming while someone else is in both toilets , The beep goes off and I know she knows I am filming, lol.

I take a big oh shit that keeps coming and coming, In bowl views from the back down and wiping and showing you!

Super up close views on my beauty hole and all the shit coming out.

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We have an important meeting. I do a lot of notes, but at some point I feel that I have to go to the toilet … I’m asking you if I can go, but you say that I have to stay … I feel more and more desperate and begin to plead that You let me go to the bathroom … at some point I can hold it any secon longer, and I am doing great shit in my white panties … You can not see anything. You begin to feel awful smell and ask me what happened … When I tell you, that I just did shit in panties you are outraged and want to quick me from your company … but suddenly you suggest me, that I can play with you with some dirty game and then I do not lose work… I agree and we both start to very dirty game …. you want to cum on my dirty ass? Want to see how much I’m bad girl?

I was very thirsty … I found in the kitchen pack of tablets energy drink. I quickly drank my favorite drink …After that I checked them one more time and I saw that it wasnt my tablets energy drink but…LAXATIVE TABLETS … They started to work very quickly. My stomach started to hurt me more and more. I was wearing my new white cotton panties. The bathroom was busy and I felt that I had to poop immediately … You can hear the loud farts and see how I loads shit in my pants. At the end I show you how dirty I’m … Do you like this view? Or maybe you want to get from me a unique, special gift?

For several days I exercise regularly at home. I do not have time for the gym, but I love these exercises at home. Today I ate something not fresh in the city. I feel like my stomach hurts more and more … I cant stop exercising so I’m trying to hold out as long as possible. In the end, I can not resist … First, you can see a huge fountain of pee. See how wet are my blue athletic pants. But that’s not all … Suddenly my ass out huge shit … is so large that it doesnt fit into my panties and slowly flows down to the floor … OMG I do not have anything more to say, you just need to see it !

Instructions For Eating My Shit by poo alexa

Instructions For Eating My Shit

You have quite an appetite you wanted a taste of everything, I instruct you to eat all of my treats brownie, muffin, twinkie, cookies, and drink my shake! And also your main course my fresh hard turd!! I push out a big thick poop into your bowl, I stick a peppermint into my ass for you to find in my shit !! Now eat up toilet !

Oiling Up To Shit by LoveRachelle2's Scat~Scapades


I need you to be very quiet while you watch me tease, strip and shit, because my house is filled with guests tonight, but I still wanna sneak in some fun ;) I wash up a bit before getting down to the floor where you’re watching me, I pull up my shirt and bra to reveal my pair of nipple clamps, which I tear off me with the chain in my teeth (I have fun putting them on and taking them off again) ;) I give you a slow strip tease until I’m left with my pushed up shirt and bra, bending over to expose my butt plug. I turn on the shower to warm it up before rubbing baby oil all over my clamped tits and lower. I get down on my knees and show you my plugged ass doggy style, oiling up my plump ass and pussy, and toying with my hole before pooping out my plug, all while trying to keep quiet so my guests won’t hear! <3

I squat closer to you and birth a rich, creamy steamer all over the floor and finger fuck my shitty hole. I hold out my turd for you to smell and rub it a bit over my belly and thighs–I wish I could do more, but have to keep things quick if a guest knocks at any second ;) I wish I had more time with this succulent poop, so I give it a lick and wave goodbye… but not before showing off my pile and feeling and squishing my warm load a little bit more with my fingers <3 Goodbyes are hard! Off to shower before anyone suspects, tee hee ;)

Pantyhose Explosion by Poo Alexa

Pantyhose Explosion

I completely fill my pantyhose with hot shit, It fills the butt and goes down both legs. 2 angles so you can see all off the best angles! I shake my full pantyhose showing off the HUGE mess!! I love shitting my pantyhose !!

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Extreme Close to my rosette - wetgina

Poo Messy Pussy by: Worship MY Filthy Ass!


I had been wanting to get totally filthy the last few days. I had been thinking about shitting and getting my pussy all nasty with my shit and it was getting me so worked up. When I finally needed to take a shit, I went to the bathroom naked and layed down on my bathroom floor all excited. I start rubbing my pussy first and I let out my precious Goddess shit. It feels so good shitting it already has me moaning in pleasure. I spread my ass, so you can look right at my asshole as I rub my hands all over my ass. I am so horny now I am all shitty, I want to get my pussy all shitty too! I finger myself and push shit into my pussy getting incredibly filthy! I am having so much fun, I push my shit back out of my pussy to cover and smear my shit….mmmm.. I CUM SO HARD WHEN I’M FILTHY!

PVC Kinky Poo Play by: Cosmic Girl Summer's Dirty Galaxy

In this clip I start off wearing my unbelievably sexy see-through pvc outfit. watch me fuck my ass til I get some creamy shit and piss to rub all over my body while I continue to shit, finger my shitty asshole and fuck my asshole and pussy with my vibe. Plus a second closer view of the action is also included in this 38 minute long smearing clip!

1st Ever Shit Smear by: Scat Scat Scat Scat!!


I haven’t shit in days. I give myself a fleet enema and shit EVERYWHERE! Both liquid and firm shit! Then for the first time ever, I pick up my shit and smear it all over my tits, belly, pussy, and legs. Eww there are even little pieces of undigested food! I film myself showering which only seems to smear it worse for a while!

Huge Dump by: PooAlexa's Store

I walk in and sit down on my chair, as I sit down to poop it’s already sticking out , I spread my pussy and slowly push A huge thick turd out of my tight little butt hole. I sit down on the floor where my massive poop is and I pick it up and show it off to you, then show you my stinky butthole. I put some poop on my red toe nails.

Massive Poop by PooAlexa

Massive Poop

I really have to go poop, I lay back and rub myself through my panties and getting so horny I cannot hold it any longer as I pull my panties down there is all ready a messy brown spot my my butt hole. I push and strain then it just flows right out a huge amount of poop. I feel so relieved that I masturbate and spread poop on my sexy thighs and butt cumming with poop covering me makes me so wet!

On all Fours! by ScarlettMarie

On all Fours!

I haven't done a clip of me pooping on my hands and knees in a while! Come watch me get on all fours while I shit out a huge load and piss all over the floor! After pooping, I pick up the scat with my bare hands and dump it in the toilet before guys get two marvelous views as I used two cameras from different angles ;)

Me smearing shit on my ass…by: Marias Kaviar Store

Cumming In My Shitty Thong by: LoveRachelle2's Scat~Scapades

output_aeQygII had a shitty day, and you know what? Fuck this job, fuck my boss, and fuck this. I’m gonna do what I want, and since everyone from work has already gone home, my boss can’t do a fucking thing about it! get on the toilet and rub myself through my cute thong before pissing and crapping creaming heaps of poop onto the bathroom tiles at work. You wanna see close ups of my shit? Well too bad, you’re gonna have to wait while I keep having fun, and play a little bit more, showing you my shitty ass and smeared thong. I get down on the floor and enjoy rubbing my shit between my fingers before getting down and smearing shit all over my pussy while I make myself cum through my shitty thong <3

My first winter poop by: Jodys Self Pooping Store


Directly in the snow, near a pond…. Today I had good breakfast that helped me pushing out this superturd….

Playing with my boyfriends GIANT poop by: PVC and Scat Couple


Hey all! So my boyfriend and I were laying around in bed watching Stargate (a fave pastime of ours) and I got kinda horny so I started getting playful with him, while I was doing this he let out a nice yummy fart and I giggled and asked if he had to poop. He said yes, so I said, lets shoot a quick video! He pooped on my chest, then I whipped out my trusty iPhone and he proceeded to record a super hot video of me playing with his yummy (HUGE!) fresh poop. I got so turned on that I had to masturbate, I could not help myself! You’ll see me smearing fresh poop all over my huge tits, face, tummy, and all over my tight little pussy! I have a nice loud orgasm too. We got so into it that we forgot to lay down a pvc sheet on the bed. Oops, lol! Time to do some laundry, Jessica, you naughty girl…

Waitress Huge Disaster - by Poo Alexa

Waitress Huge Disaster

I ask my boss why the restroom doors are locked and he said that we are not allowed to used the restroom until the restaurant is closed, the girls take to long and the customers get upset that their orders are getting cold. I go back to work serving the customers, that's when you come in and I am desperate to go the restroom I take your drink order and get it made for you, when I return it becomes worse and worse. When you are finished and ready to leave I just cannot hold it any longer I have a huge accident in my panties through my tights the bulge is huge! I try and play it off as if nothing is wrong but I think you knew and that's why you left me such a big tip!! I walk to the restroom and look at the mess, omg how can I return to work like this, a little gets on my hands and then I take a hand full and smear it on my body I secretly like the smell and the way it makes me feel, I cover myself rubbing it all over my clit until I orgasm in the restroom!

Bonnie’s Mighty Colorful Shit by: I'm Your Fetish

What the hell was I eating?? Potpourri? The poop had all kinds of colors in it. Kinda made me feel I was an artist.

Watching Porn Shitting On The Couch by Poo Alexa

Watching Porn Shitting On The Couch

Passing through the living room I see the TV on and look at whats on it, its a girl eating another girls shit! I really have to poop but sit down anyway, my eyes are glued to then, I get turned on by such a dirty thing I start fingering myself, I get so wet and creamy it doesn't take me long to cum. After I cum I feel the urge to push, so I do right there on the leather couch I shit and it feels so good being bad, I rub it on my pussy and get messy, I poop more and more stacking it on my pussy. by the end I am filthy and so is my couch!

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Bonnie Poop After Eating A Lot of Corn All Week by: I'm Your Fetish

I love corn and went on a binge at Popeye’s all week with corn and chicken. I even dripped cream from my pussy. I guess it’s creamed corn now :P

My shit and pee in the bowl. Miss Decadoria's Store


I have to shit and piss, I do slaves justice 

into the bowl.